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Manufacturing of the complete production lines

Shahrour’s company provides complete kitchen design services and production lines from start to finish, such as the manufacture of cans, food products, bakery and other various customer needs

Bakery and ovens preparation equipment

Shahrour’s company has everything necessary for the owners of existing and modern projects from baking and kneading equipment, pizza ovens and various baked goods ovens

Preparation equipment

Shahrour’s company has all the preparation equipment needed for existing and modern projects, such as food whisks, shredder and peelingsof vegetables, meat cutting machines, etc

Hot production lines

Shahrour’s company provides the owners of existing projects and those coming to establish their projects with the necessary recommendations and advice. It also guides them to make choices that are appropriate to their needs and the nature of their activities and provides them with the designs and equipment needed for them

why us ?

The first food mixer and machine for peeling and cleaning carrots were produced in 1969, since then the company has been caring for manufacture kitchen tools and equipment for restaurants, hotels and cafeterias according to national and international standards and criterions
Shahrour company
Design 99%
Manufacturing according to the best international standards 99%
Marketing and work plan 89%
After sales experience and services 99%

Our goals

Based on the principle of the importance of improving performance, and facilitating internal work procedures in kitchens and production lines, at the hands of specialized designers, design services for kitchens and production lines, taking into account formal instructions in the formation and arrangement, including distribution of power lines, ventilation systems, oil drainage, and distribution Equipment and spaces in a convenient way to arrange the installation steps. also providing design services and manufacture of stainless steel tables and shelves according to desire and need with high quality and skill.
Our company provides the best solutions and types of shipping from our factories to all parts of the world
  • Europe
  • The Arabian Gulf
  • USA
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